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Compra direttamente dalla fabbrica e RISPARMIA fino al -77%

Why choose the PALE mattress

As comfortable and enveloping as an embrace, PALE is a Memory Foam mattress with 9 differentiated zones, enriched with a central layer of 2000 micro springs and covered with the unique THERMO SENSITIVE fabric.
PALE has been designed to offer the right support to everyone, of any size and weight!

The layers of comfort
Machine washable Thermo Sensitive® fabric.
Thermo Sensitive® is designed to ensure high levels of comfort: it has thermal padding that retains body heat at its natural temperature.
Memory Foam with 9 differentiated zones. 100% Italian Quality
The most comfortable mattress, which adapts to the natural shapes of your body thanks to the memory foam layer. Also recommended for those who have issues or pains upon waking or those who have disturbed sleep patterns. Our memory foam has a density of no less than 40 kg/m3 to ensure effective and correct body support.
2000 pocket micro springs
The layer of micro springs cradles your body in a magical embrace. Each is protected with a single microperforated casing for greater breathability and better preservation. All the elasticity of micro springs for a soft welcome.
Breathable, resilient, flexible and resistant polyurethane
Technological research has developed polyurethane foams free of substances harmful to the environment and to humans, capable of guaranteeing high performance in complete safety. Its main features include flexibility and resilience. Furthermore, the microcellular structure of the expanded polyurethane allows the exchange of air and the dispersion of humidity, conditions that prevent the onset of mites and bacteria and allow the human body to benefit from natural transpiration.
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia milano materasso materasso materasso foam
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia milano materasso materasso materasso foam
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia milano materasso materasso materasso foam
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia milano materasso materasso materasso foam
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia milano materasso materasso materasso foam

Vanessa Ferrari, italian artistic gym World Champion, chose to sleep wellOur champion has chosen Pale!

Thermo SensitiveA unique coating!The mattress is more hygienic, fresh and breathable.

Thermo Sensitive® is designed to ensure high levels of comfort: it has a thermal fabric lining that retains body heat at its natural temperature.
Thermo Sensitive® technology allows a very high amount of air (which is the best thermal insulator) to be trapped in its very low-density structure, leaving a pleasant feeling of well-being while maintaining a stable body temperature during sleep.

Pale truly is a very special mattress!

PALE is a project created with the aim of marketing a high quality, completely Made in Italy product on the international market at an affordable price.
Our research and development department has always been committed to finding innovative solutions. Armed with our industry know-how, we have created a mattress that stands out for its comfort, but which respects the most traditional craftsmanship.

20 year guarantee

We are sure of the quality of our products. As proof of this we offer a 20 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Medical Product

Pale is labelled as Medical Product.

FREE shipping!

Pale shipping is free throughout Europe!

PALE gives you all the time you would have lost researching and choosing your new mattress.

We have thought of everything, selecting the most innovative materials including memory foampocket micro springs and special quality fabrics. We have transformed them into a mattress with incredible comfort that adapts to your body and your way of sleeping.

We have over 30000 reviews!

Yes! I want it now!Buy PALE and start sleeping well!

Frequently asked questions about the Pale mattress

Where is Pale produced?

PALE, unlike most other similar products, is designed and manufactured completely in Italy.

Is Pale advised for those with back pain?

The structure of PALE with 9 different areas allows a correct distribution of body weight, avoiding pressure on the spine with consequent improvements in back health.

Do I have to turn the mattress over?

No need to turn it, the internal structure of PALE has been designed to guarantee being cool in summer and warm in winter without any need to turn it over.

Does Pale have anti-mite properties?

PALE is highly breathable and, thanks to this characteristic, limits the onset of mites, promoting well-being and healthy rest.

How long can I leave Pale in the box?

PALE materials are designed and certified for vacuum packing, however we advise you not to leave it packed for too long (not longer than a month) in order to prevent it taking too long to regain its original shape.

What are the most suitable bed bases for Pale?

PALE is suitable for any type of bed with a slatted frame, provided it is in good condition. Slats or frames that have worn away could damage your mattress, but above all compromise its performance. For Pale it is advisable to combine a slatted frame with more elastic slats that follow the movements of the mattress.

How long do I have to wait before sleeping on Pale?

The time required for PALE to return to its natural shape after unpacking is among the fastest in the category of vacuum packed mattresses thanks to the exclusive use of materials certified for vacuum packing.

How can I unpack PALE?

It is very important to unpack PALE correctly, completely avoiding the use of knives, scissors or cutters.

How can I clean Pale?

PALE is completely removable, the outer cover can be machine washed at a temperature of 30°.
The inner layers of the mattress should not be washed even with a sponge as this could ruin the materials.

We advise you to observe some good practices for the hygiene of your mattress:

Ventilate your room every morning to expose your mattress to fresh air and light.
Use the vacuum cleaner on your bed to prevent dust deposits.
Wash the covers regularly.
Never place the mattress on an unventilated support.