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About us

The Pale mattress is the resultof over 35 years’ experience in the production of mattresses. Our mission is to guarantee our customers the best sleep possible.
We therefore give great importance to research and development and for this reason we work with Renowned Universities, Medical Offices and Laboratories.
The goal that led us to the development and production of Pale is the search for a mattress suitable for all body types and positions during sleep. We have chosen and combined the best materials that guarantee a strong balance between support and comfort.
At the same time, we have chosen to promote and enhance the value of Made in Italy, maintaining our factories and our production in Italy, selecting and purchasing exclusively Italian raw materials, and checking every stage of processing to guarantee absolute excellence.

Our team

Adriano Bonetti

Commercial Area Director

Rosanna Bonetti

Administrative Area Director

Michelle Da Silva

Sales Assistant

Francesco Nicolaci

Relations Area Responsible

Manuel Cotronea

Area IT Responsible

Mirko Ceretta

SEO & SME Consultant

Emanuela Trombini

Foreign Area Responsible
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