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Conditions of sales

In order to provide the highest transparency to purchasers of each product on “materassopale.it” we have written this chapter to specify any rule governing purchases on this website.


Part I: Company that provides service
Part II: Prices shown in the catalog
Part III: Terms and Method of delivery
Part IV: Informations for the moments following the sale
Part V: Withdrawal right
Part VI: Claims, return and discounts

Article 1:
The following conditions of sale shall be considered accepted and capable of producing effects starting from the moment the contract is signed, ie from the moment you make your purchase.
The conditions of sale may not be subject to negotiation, except for special cases which will be left to the discretion of the retailer.

Part I: providing the service Company

Article 2:
The supply utility and manager of e-commerce service is Etracom srl only recognized official dealer and authorized the global online sales of branded products “PALE”.
The generality of that company are as follows:
Etracom srl
Registered Office: Via Rossaghe 45
25100 Lumezzane (BS)
Brescia Chamber of Commerce REA 512306

Part II: Prices shown in the catalog

Article 3:
All prices listed on the site “materassopale.it”, include VAT at 22% under current tax legislation in Italy.

Article 4:
The prices offered on the site are updated weekly and the reference currency is always the euro.

Article 5:
All prices are discounted from the official list Etracom. All offers or promotions on the site have been previously authorized by Etracom.
Etracom reserves the right to change prices without notice at any time without prejudice to the ongoing fulfillment transactions.

Part III: Terms and method of delivery

Article 6:
The delivery in Italian territory, including islands, is shown during the purchase, for more information you can contact us.
Delivery is made to the number (not the floor), made to the specific requests received during the purchase with its service fee (flat fee required is € 25).

Article 7:
The order depends on the availability of products in stock, for products in stock shipment is made from only after the email confirmation of receipt of payment.
For products not shipping times in stock may be between 5 and 10 working days for mattresses, and are around 20 days for slatted, so if you have urgent need of the product and you want to be sure that the selected product is in stock, be sure to apply early, before confirming the order, this availability to our staff at No. 030-829885.
In any case, delivery times depend dall’efficenza courier that we use to carry out the shipment, therefore the terms described above may vary, even significantly, expanding or shortening significantly.

Article 8:
The estimated average time of delivery of goods is 24-48 hours from the time when is the delivery, shipping is carried by courier “BRT” Bartolini.

The delivery times indicated by the carrier are completely indicative and vary considerably depending on the target zone, the distance of the nearest branch of any strikes / protests.
For disadvantaged places, hard to reach or to force majeure, the timing can vary by several days, the times estimated in the previous article.
Couriers do not deliver on Saturday and Sunday.

Article 9:
The day following the receipt of the despatch of communication you can contact us to get the tracking number you know what stage of the journey is your order by checking on the “BRT” site Bartolini.I ways and delivery times depend on the carrier it uses the dealer, so once they got the tracking number you can, for the buyer, back independently to the location of your order using the courier site “BRT” Bartolini.

Article 10:
(See art. 6) The courier “BRT” Bartolini will deliver the goods at the number indicated at street level and is in no circumstances entitled to (or held) to deliver at home.
If no telephone notice is not required the courier “BRT” Bartolini will deliver at its discretion when more is convenient for its distribution daily journey.
In no case the courier is authorized to unpack and assemble the products purchased by the customer.

Article 11:
If the courier can not find anyone to deliver, is unable to contact the telephone numbers that have been provided by the customer or if, as a result of the notice of passage, issued by the carrier the customer does not contact, the goods will be put in storage in the courier warehouse.
If you notice that the merchandise is not delivered to you within a reasonable time, of the order of 20 days from the date of shipment, please contact us at 030-829852 for information.

Article 12:
The customer is not obliged under any circumstances to accept merchandise that is shipped with one of the following characteristics:
1. Request money from staff regarding services already paid on the site, “materassopale.it”;
2. Products that bear letterheads labels to different recipients;
3. In case the wrapper or packaging of the goods is not in optimum conditions;
4. Request for help to porterage since agreeing to help staff, implies a tacit renunciation of any civil or criminal action in case of accident;
5. In any other case of anomaly.

In all the above cases we recommend to refuse the goods or to accept it only after requesting explanations Etracom srl, who will take care to resolve the situation in a quick and friendly.

Article 13:
(See the article 12) Our products are shipped with a special packaging mattresses are delivered vacuum; if they were to arrive torn or smashed please reject the neck.
The damaged goods would raise the seller from any liability.
Especially the mattresses need to be delivered, and accepted, rolled and vacuum. Assuring both the hygienic and quality of the mattress during transport.

Part IV: Information for the moments following the sale

Article 14:
The mattress should be removed from its vacuum as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days after receipt.

Article 15:
To qualify for the tax deduction, you need to apply for invoicing within, and no later than 3 days from receipt of goods, otherwise you will no longer require it.
For the request to issue send an email to: info@materassopale.it inserting as “invoice request” object.
In this email you must include:
1. Full name, address and tax identification number (social security number must be corrected by controlling all the data carefully, including a middle name);
2. Order number;
3. Amount paid and the payment method used;
4. If you purchased a Medical and also bring the SERIAL NUMBER This label attached to the mattress, failing that, place the mattress model.

The bill will then be sent in PDF format to the email address used for the request (it replaces paper invoice sent by mail).

Article 16:
The warranty is valid for 20 years, in accordance with European regulations, as from the date of delivery of the product.
They are covered by this guarantee, the load-bearing structure of the mattress, fabrics, upholstery, and the seams, if the related defects affect the functionality of the mattress.
They remain expressly excluded from coverage of this warranty cases where the mattress does not result in perfect hygienic conditions or if the defects are attributable to a misuse, for an incorrect use or an incorrect maintenance of the mattress itself.
The eventual depression over time on the lower floor mattress to 20 mm is due to the normal settlement of the structure and of the padding and does not constitute defect.
A tolerance of ± 3% on the measures, due to the assembly of elastic components, is considered normal and does not constitute defect.
The guarantee provided includes free repair or replacement of the defective part or component, or, only when this is impossible, replacement of the product.
In the cases covered by the warranty, the client must send a detailed description of the defect found and indicating the size of the mattress.
The mattress in the guarantee must be sent at his own expense adequately packed to prevent further damage of which do not respond.
Following inspection of the mattress if confirmed the presence of a defect covered by the warranty, it will repair or replace the mattress and his expedition at his own expense.
If the fault or defect is not covered by the warranty, you will be charged the cost of the replacement carried out and the cost of transport for returning the mattress.
It recommends weekly lift the mattress from the network in order to prevent moisture accumulation that could cause the formation of mold.


Article 17:
Between the network and the mattress it is recommended to put a mattress saves / cover network.
In the removable mattress, you can machine wash the cover at 50/60 ° with the program dedicated to delicate garments.
Do not dry the mattress dry.
It is absolutely not recommended the use of vacuum cleaners on the lining.
Do not wet the inner panel.
Do not expose to the sun the inner panel.
The mattress should be placed preferably on a slatted base.
The double mattress to be placed on a flat bed with double stave and central support.
Turn the mattress head / feet approximately every 3 months so as to equally consume the entire surface of the mattress.


Part V: Right of withdrawal

Article 18:
Each customer can, as a result of an acquisition, exercise the right of withdrawal in the manner and within the time stipulated by the relevant regulations Legislative Decree n.21 / 2014.

Article 19:
the manner and the timing with which the consumer will have to express their desire to withdraw from the purchase are outlined below:
1. The communication must be sent by registered A.R. at
Etracom S.R.L.
via Rossaghe 45 / f
25065 Lumezzane (BS)
2. The term shall not exceed 14 days. from receipt of the goods.
3. This communication can be anticipated by fax to the number 030/8921780, as long as confirmed by registered mail with return receipt within 48 hours and must clearly indicate:
1. Written declaration signed in which it says it will use the right of withdrawal;
2. The title of the product or products you want to return;
3. The bank on which to obtain a refund by bank transfer (Cod IBAN-SWIFT);
4. Address Pay pal in case the payment was made with this method;
5. The e-mail address or fax number that we use to communicate the status of the return.

Article 20:
The procedures and the time required for the return of the product following the exercise of the right of withdrawal are as follows, according to Article 57, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree no. 21/2014:
The consumer shall send back the goods or hand them over to the trader or to a person authorized by the trader to receive the goods without undue delay and in any event within fourteen days from the date on which he informs the trader his decision to withdraw from the contract.
The deadline is met if the consumer sends back the goods before the expiration of the fourteen day period.
The consumer shall only bear the direct cost of returning the goods.
The merchandise subject of the return must be kept in its original packaging and will arrive intact.
The address for delivery will be communicated to the consumer by mail.
They will not be withdrawn under any circumstances parcels cash, prepaid, or sent by first class or ordinary parcel post.

Article 21:
The modalities and timing for the reimbursement of the amounts paid upon the exercise of the right of withdrawal are as follows, in accordance with Article 56, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree no. 21/2014:
The trader shall reimburse all payments received from the consumer, possibly including the costs of delivery without undue delay and in any event within fourteen days from the day when it is informed of the consumer’s decision to withdraw from the contract.
The practitioner performs a refund in the first period using the same means of payment used by the customer for the initial transaction, unless the consumer has expressly agreed otherwise and provided that this does not incur any fees as a result of the repayment.

Article 22:
The exceptions to the right of withdrawal, as regulated in Article 59, paragraph 1, paragraphs “a” and “e”, Leg. n.21 / 2014, are as follows:
par. a) The right of withdrawal for distance contracts and contracts negotiated away from business premises is excluded in relation to the supply of goods made to specifications or clearly personalized;
par. e) The right of withdrawal for distance contracts and contracts negotiated away from business premises is excluded in relation to the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable to be returned for hygienic reasons or related to the protection of health and were unsealed after delivery.
Pursuant to the above-mentioned article 59, Legislative Decree. n.21 / 2014 for mattresses and pillows that have been opened and can not be relied upon the right of withdrawal, the same article excludes the right of withdrawal for mattresses made to measure.

Article 23:
Given the previous articles, in case of damaged and / or undamaged packages do not like the bill of sale, the refund will be partially communicating in advance the consumer the same amount.
On redemption will then subtracted the costs of upgrading of the product, if it is possible riqualificarlo, and the shipping costs.
If it is not possible to retrain the product, because of conditions due to wear, to damage or to any other defect, it does not make any refund.


Part VI: Complaints, returns and discounts

Article 24:

For any issue related to damages, returns, technical issues, the staff of “materassopale.it” is at your disposal to help you with any problems and guide you in the goods return procedure in case of products to be changed; you must still write to info@materassopale.it

Article 25:
The customer who claims to have received a product not in compliance with the technical data on the site and want to make the product, must communicate this desire within strictly no more than 10 working days from receipt of goods.
The communication must be sent by electronic mail to: info@materassopale.it, in the mail stating “Product Return”.
This communication can also be sent by fax: 030 / 8,921,780th will:
1. Order Number shown in the invoice issued by Etracom srl and sent together with the products purchased;
2. The title of the product or products that you want to replace;
3. Detailed description of the problem encountered and / or of non-conformities, if in possession of photographic documentation attached to the communication;
4. The e-mail address or fax number that Etracom srl It must use to communicate the status of the complaint.

Article 26:
The merchandise subject of the complaint must be kept in its original packaging and must be returned to the address it will be communicated in response to your email complaint.
Once you received the product does not constitute proper our expert will assess the veracity of the claim:
1. in case of confirmation of non-compliance the product will be replaced or repaired and returned to you no later than 30 days from the date of receipt at no charge;
2. If the product is lawfully within specifications will be returned to you no later than 30 working days, provided it has received the payment for the return to the sender.

Article 27:
Regarding the use of discount coupons: in no case they can be used on already discounted products.
It is reserved for “materassopale.it” the right to cancel any orders where it will be found using coupons related to products on offer.

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