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Pale Classic

We ship your mattress in 48 / 72 ore, free delivery in european countries

We are confident in the quality of our products. We therefore offer a 20-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Make a safe choice! Pale offers products completely made in Italy according to controlled production processes and with certified raw materials.


The simpler version of the Pale mattress, Pale classic is made up of 2 layers: a lower layer that will support the weight of the body and an upper layer made with TECHNOAIRFRESH®, ideal for a cool and dry rest!

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Pale is composed of two different materials: TECHNOAIRFRESH® and non-deformable WaterFoam. The surface layer made of TECHNOAIRFRESH®, an evolution of memory foam, is 6 centimeters high. Underneath it is a highly breathable 18cm WaterFoam base. The total thickness is 26 centimeters.




Medical product

CFC free


20 year guarantee

Removable cover


Memory Foam

Made in Italy

EC marking

Discover the technology

The layers of comfort
Polar technical fabric Machine washable.
The Polar technical fabric is designed to ensure high comfort: it has a thermal padding that keeps the body temperature in its natural warmth.
TECHNOAIRFRESH®: innovation in rest
The most comfortable mattress which, in addition to adapting to the natural shapes of the body, does not heat up and keeps the body temperature constant and optimal. Also recommended for those who have problems or pains upon waking up or for those who have an "agitated" rest. This innovative material has a very open cell structure and allows air to circulate in the best way. Likewise, sweat and humidity are not retained, thus guaranteeing a cool and dry rest.
Breathable, non-deformable, flexible, resistant waterfoam
Technological research has developed materials free of substances harmful to the environment and to humans, capable of guaranteeing high performance in complete safety. and its main features are flexibility and resilience. In addition, the microcellular structure of the waterfoam allows the exchange of air and the dispersion of moisture, conditions that prevent the onset of mites and bacteria and allow the human body to enjoy natural transpiration.
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia  milano materasso materasso materasso foam
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia  milano materasso materasso materasso foam
Materasso Pale Memory Foam - Fabbrica Materassi Brescia  milano materasso materasso materasso foam

Data Sheet

Total Height 26cm
Memory Height 6cm
WaterFoam Height 18cm
WaterFoam Type Polilatex
Padding Type 100% hypoallergenic
Padding Height 2cm

External Coating: Technical tissue Polar

Inner plate lining: Removable stretch cotton jersey

Note: The design and coloring of the inner plate and the quilting design may vary from what is shown in the image. The characteristics of the mattress remain unchanged.


Anti mite
Cover removable
CE Marked
Harmful Substances Test
Supportive orthopedic
Made in Italy

Suggested for

Backache 9/10
Sciatica 8/10
Low back pain 9/10
Fibromyalgia 8/10
Slipped disc 10/10
Cervical hernia 9/10
Muscular contracture 8/10
Articolar pains 9/10
Insomnia 9/10
Cramps 8/10
Allergies to mites and dust 8/10
Blood circulation problems 9/10

Unique breathability

The Polar technical fabric lining offers high comfort and great breathability: it keeps the body temperature constant, avoiding peaks of heat or cold. The Polar technical fabric leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness by keeping the body temperature stable during sleep and preventing the proliferation of mites and bacteria.


We always try to expand our offer with innovative products!
This is why we decided to further improve the characteristics of our Pale mattress by adding the properties of TECHNOAIRFRESH®, a new material, born from years of studies and collaborations with medical associations and universities. This innovative type of eco-friendly foam will improve your rest thanks to its freshness!
TECHNOAIRFRESH® is cooler, drier and more comfortable than any other type of foam or memory foam: moisture, sweat and heat that accumulate during rest evaporate easily, keeping the temperature constant during rest.


Make a safe choice! Pale offers products completely made in Italy according to controlled production processes and with certified raw materials.

Watch the video and find out why pale is so special

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